Dear Guests,

The current crisis has enormous consequences for everyone. Everywhere we see unreal situations. People who have nowhere to go, who suddenly have no work or no income. The situation here in the Algarve is also unreal. For the time being, we have no income at all and the costs will continue as normal. Some guests have already asked if they can help us.

We need your support more than ever. Our rooms are closed and we don’t know how long this will last. You can help us by buying Dream Nights this spring. By buying these Dream Nights, you support us enormously. We can start dreaming about a full house later this year and you about a wonderful stay in safe Algarve. You can give them as a gift to your parents, your children or friends. Give yourself or your loved ones a stay at The White House when all this is passed. We are very grateful to you and hope to see you soon in the Algarve.

How does it work?
Each Dream Nights costs € 90 and can be exchanged for a stay (including breakfast) with us during the high and low seasons throughout 2020 and 2021. At three Dream Nights you get a free packed lunch for a day of hiking. With five nights or more, we will have dinner together at our expense in our favourite restaurant.

>> You can buy your Dream Nights with this form.