Algarve, a vacation in 10 countries at the same time!

The White House Algarve
6 Dec

Algarve, a vacation in 10 countries at the same time!

Algarve is a wonderful destination. And from our boutique hotel you can go in all directions. From the wonderful beaches to the mountains in the hinterland. From the romantic towns to the ultra-modern shopping centers. And of course from one restaurant to another ☺. But did you know that with a visit to the Algarve you actually visit 10 countries at the same time? That makes a holiday here worth twice as much. So come and enjoy the Algarve and enjoy 10 countries at the same time!

1. Portugal

Of course, the Algarve is in Portugal. That actually makes this region even more pleasant. Portuguese are sometimes a little ponderous and serious but above all a very friendly, modest and relaxed people. It is not without reason that Portugal has (again!) won the prize for the best destination worldwide this year! The combination of sun, sea, culture, delicious food, a relaxed atmosphere and still quite reasonable prices makes Portugal irresistible. Incidentally, a holiday in the Algarve can easily be combined with the other Portuguese top attraction; Lisbon. From The White House you can be in Praça do Commercio in less than three hours. For example, fly to Lisbon and come to the Algarve for a week after your city trip. That is enjoying the best of both worlds …

2. Spain

Portugal is not Spain. You will notice that as soon as you cross the border. Spaniards are taller (or they just walk more proudly …), noisier and perhaps also more elegant. From The White House you can be in Seville within two hours. A great day trip to a different culture. Or you can opt for a boat trip to Ayamonte on the border of Portugal and Spain. Then you will notice that Spain indeed has delicious tapas, loud talking inhabitants and other customs. Sometimes the Spaniards beg to differ, but after different repressions, feuds between the different royal houses, struggle over the origin of Columbus (Portuguese!) and the misfortune of the Spanish Armada we can indeed state; Portugal is not Spain!

3. Morocco

Morocco is just a short boat trip from southern Portugal. And that is not only stating the obvious but also regularly noticeable in daily life. Algarve (from Al Gharbe, Arabic for “the West”) has long been dominated by the Moors and Moorish influences are visible everywhere. From the typical Moorish chimneys, to the language (Oxala!), the food and the culture.

4. Brazil

10 million Portuguese live in Portugal, making Portuguese a small language. But as a colony of yesteryear, they also speak Portuguese in Brazil. And over 200 million Brazilians live on the other side of the ocean. With the economic malaise in Brazil, many residents take the plane to Portugal and then look for work. Everywhere you hear the melodious, somewhat sultry Brazilian and you see handsome boys and girls trying to build a new Portuguese life here. And so we also get some South American samba, capoeira and “bomb djia” in our lives!

5. New Zealand

The beaches of the Algarve are world famous and of a surreal beauty. Some travelers travel around the world to New Zealand to see similar beaches and rocks. But in the end the most beautiful places are just a 3-hour flight from the Netherlands. That quickly saves a considerable flight and the necessary euros. The coasts are still unspoiled in many places and there are plenty of places where no hotel block is in sight. Of course we are happy to give you tips on how to get from our hotel to the most beautiful beaches and rock formations. And so within 30 minutes you are on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and you imagine yourself in New Zealand, but without sheep …

6. India

In addition to Brazil, Goa in India was also a Portuguese colony at the time. And that is visible in both Goa (a lot of Portuguese architecture and European urban design) but also vice versa here in Algarve. For Indians from Goa it is easier to get a residence permit because of the old ties. The number of Indian restaurants is therefore unprecedented and you actually see the necessary hard-working Indians everywhere, in shops, at markets and also in the aforementioned Indian restaurants. Great people and great food!

7. England

We cannot ignore it. For the English, the Algarve is one of their top destinations and actually their backyard. This connection has been around for centuries. Just think of the English names of famous port houses such as Graham, Taylor, Croft and Sandeman. On an average summer’s day, more than sixty aircraft from Ireland and England land on Faro and the many British people spread around the beaches and in the numerous English and Irish pubs. Certainly in summer, cities such as Albufeira and Portimão are full of English families and tipsy youngsters. An evening on ‘The Strip’ in Albufeira is therefore an attraction that you do not want to miss. But it is also nice to drive back to your quiet room in The White House afterwards.

8. Italy

The Roman Empire has also left many traces here in the Algarve. Near the White House, for example, you can visit the ruins of an old Roman bathhouse (Milreu). Tavira has the – beautiful – Roman bridge, but other places also have ancient monuments. One of the walks with our nature guide Louis follows the old Roman road to a beautiful viewpoint (Miradouro). You can almost see, so to speak, the knights in full armor trotting on horseback on this road.

9. Finland

Finland in Portugal? That might be a strange combination. Yet the countries are alike, and not only because of the almost impossible pronunciation of both Finnish and Portuguese. No, both Finland and Portugal score particularly high as the safest countries in the world. Portugal is proud of its fourth place, just below Finland. The security score for countries, in short, depends equally on each of the three factors: war and peace, personal security and the risk for a natural disaster. A comfortable feeling when you are here on vacation.

10. United States

In The White House you will of course also find yourself in the US. If it were only because it’s a nice feeling to sleep in the room named after Jackie or Michelle. Our balcony suite is of course named after Melania. The lady for whom only the best is good enough. Of course we secretly hope for a visit from the first lady. Then she can immediately give us some tips for our Christmas tree. No one can match her feeling for Christmas decoration. However, in this season we, in terms of Christmas decorations, are a match to the original in Washington.