10 Most Romantic Places in Algarve

27 Jun

10 Most Romantic Places in Algarve

The Algarve is ideally suited for a romantic holiday. The relaxed atmosphere, the friendly people, the sun, the beaches and the picturesque towns with their small alleys and bars… the ideal place to get away from it all. In our villa we regularly receive newly weds, 50 years married couples, second chance couples, first in love couples, secret couples and much more… and for everyone the Algarve is a place to celebrate love… if you know where to go of course. That’s why we give you our personal top ten of romantic places in the Algarve. So if your relationship could use a romantic boost after the corona pandemic…   book 10 days at The White House and do one of our tips every day!

1. Wander through the gardens of the Estoi Palace

A stone’s throw from our villa is the old palace of Estoi. This frivolous, bright pink building is decorated on the outside with countless ornaments. The many terraces and fountains make it even more impressive. In addition, you will find the beautiful azulejos (blue tiles) everywhere. The palace gardens with the classical statues have been completely renovated a few years ago and offer plenty of space for a romantic stroll. Have a chat in one of the tea houses and enjoy the scents and colors of this imposing palace garden.

  1. Put a lock on the bridge of Tavira

One of our favourite towns around is Tavira. A romantic town that fully recalls a long-gone Roman era. The river runs lazily through the town and gives an relaxed touch to the center. The old Roman pedestrian bridge with the seven arches is the ideal place to seal your relationship by putting up your own padlock. Then enjoy the beautiful view over the river. As if time has stood still..

  1. See the sun setting in Arrifana

This popular surf spot, on the west coast of the Algarve, is the perfect mix between nature and fun. The beach is located on a bay with high cliffs and offers many possibilities. It is the ideal place for surfing and bodyboarding. There is a small, popular restaurant on the beach and several dining options on the cliffs, each with breathtaking views and a romantic sunset.

  1. Relax with Saint Rafael

The Algarve is scattered with beautiful beaches for a romantic day out. Praia Sao Rafael is one of our favourites. It is not that big, it is located in a beautiful bay shape, has a cozy restaurant and plenty of parking spaces. So no hassle and just a beautiful place to enjoy together. And if you want to impress your partner, you can rent a canoe here at this beach, take a SUP (stand-up paddling) trip or get active in another way. Success assured!

  1. Stay afloat in a salt lake

One of our latest discoveries is super romantic. Algarve is known for the many salt lakes where salt has been extracted in the same way for hundreds of years. Close to our villa are the Salinas do Grelha, a spa center where you can swim directly in these salt lakes and float. A wonderful way to get some muscle relaxation and stress reduction. Cover yourself with natural clay, let it dry in the sun and then take a bath together in these salt lakes. Healthy, relaxing and super romantic.

  1. Discover the countryside and the town of Alte

Almost all tourists stay in this small strip of 3-4 kilometers near the beaches and the coast. But there is so much more to discover in the interior. Alte is a characteristic village with a somewhat artistic touch and it has an old center with whitewashed houses and platibandas (edges painted with geometric motifs) full of colour. Be sure to visit the Fonta Grande. Here you will find picnic areas along the river where whole families enjoy a meal on sunny days while the children splash around in the river. Or have lunch in the super hip Germano bike cafe between the cyclists and art on the wall.

  1. Visit the gate to hell together

The beautiful Pego do Inferno waterfall is located about 7 km from Tavira, and forms one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Algarve. The waterfall forms a circular Mediterranean green lagoon surrounded by a refreshing wooded area. Many residents of the Algarve call this region “the hidden gem”. The sun, together with the greenery of the forest, give the water in this lagoon a greenish color, which invites you to take a dip during the hot days. A place that breathes and radiates natural beauty, as there are few today. A romantic experience par excellence!

  1. Romantic lunch on the Ponte de Piedade

Lagos is one of the more authentic towns in the Algarve. The beaches near Lagos are also amazing. High cliffs, interspersed with golden beaches. Our favourite place is Ponte de Piedade. It is the starting point of a breathtaking walk along the most beautiful beaches. Some can only be reached via a steep staircase,

Afterwards you can have lunch in our favourite restaurant in West Algarve, O Camilo. Make a reservation because it can be busy. Then you have a top lunch, no fuss but lots of love and an unforgettable view.

  1. Knightly romance in Silves

A visit to the Algarve is not complete without a visit to Silves Castle. This former capital of Al Gharb (Algarve) has been the scene of many battles, wars and intrigues. The castle you see today is all that remains of the defensive stronghold that surrounded Silves at the time of the Muslim Almohad dynasty (12th-13th centuries). Like most of the buildings in Silves, the castle is built of red sandstone, Grés de Silves, whose red color dominates the town. Stroll through the medieval town, have lunch under the trees of Café Inglès and imagine yourself in medieval times…

  1. Take a private water taxi to the hippest beach bar

On the island of Armona, just off the coast near Olhaõ, you will find the beach bar Cameleão. This bar has been named one of the hippest beach bars in Europe by the English newspaper the Guardian! We understand why! A unique place on a pearly white beach, smooth music, lovely lounge chairs and good food. And recently they also offer the possibility to visit this place directly from Olhaõ with your private water taxi. You will be dropped off nearby and you can walk onto the terrace. Order a drink and enjoy the day together.

Unfortunately, the bar offers no options to spend the night, so eventually you have to go back to The White House. Fortunately, the villa is also one of the most romantic places in the Algarve. Will you come by soon?