Enjoy Algarve from your private villa

Covid-19 times are hard for everyone. We experience loss, missing our family and have financial challenges. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. We see countries slowly opening up and in the next months traveling will for sure be possible again.

Coming to the Algarve is a safe choice. The Algarve has been very lucky with only 348 infected people, most of whom are in the Albufeira area. Everybody is feeling responsible and acts sensible, the atmosphere is relaxed and the government is opening shops, beaches and restaurants in the next few weeks. The White House has been in full isolation for the last two months and we have adopted the Clean & Safe regulations as announced by the Portuguese Tourism Office.

The White House is a small boutique hotel with only 5 rooms. This makes our villa ideal for small, private groups. Have you ever dreamed of spending your holiday in a secluded villa, with spacious pool, sunny garden, five luxury rooms and a private cook! You can book the villa for your next family reunion, friends get together or management session. You have a private (and safe!) trip, no other guests and the freedom to stay at the pool, go for a run in the countryside, visit nearby beaches and villages, eat indoors or use our tips on safe restaurants to eat out.

Family Reunion trip

Package for 10 people; including 4 nights, full breakfast, two luxury family diners and one nature and bird watching walk with professional guide.

Prices start at € 250 p.p.

Any plans for a friends get together? Why not pick the Algarve? There is so much to see and do under the Portuguese sun!

Friends get together expedition

Package for 8 people; including 4 nights, full breakfast,  and one family diner.

Starting at € 275 p.p.

Organisations experience tough times. Now might be the best moment to align your management and focus on what is important for the near future.

Management Refocus Journey

Package for 5 team-members. All individual rooms. 4 nights, including breakfast and three lunches, one nature walk with professional guide and two breakout sessions with professional moderator.

Starting at € 450,- p.p all in.