Restaurant Algarve The White House

5 Algarve restaurants close to The White House

We made it! We made a selection of restaurants in the Algarve. It was a tough job but someone had to do it … Most of our guests are only a few days in the Algarve and, as we all know, there is only one really important question while being on holiday; Where do we... Continue Reading
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algarve B&B Benagil

5 Misconceptions about the Algarve

Portugal has fast become a popular destination. Magazines are filled with articles on trendy Lisbon, bustling Porto or the soothing hinterland. The Algarve is attracting more and more tourists and for our Algarve B&B that is obviously good news. Every week we receive guests in The White House who introduce themselves with an hesitant ‘this... Continue Reading
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Hooray for spring

In our Portuguese B&B we try to serve a weekly diner for our guests. That is always great fun. Our guests love to eat in and we love to cook and make a nice (mostly vegetarian) menu. Seasonal cooking is trendy. Every month, new cook books with fashionable subtitles about seasonal cooking, cooking from your... Continue Reading
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