For those who want to discover the Algarve, the White House is an excellent starting place for day trips, some of them just a little further away.


sevilla-plaza-de-espanaIt may not look very obvious to travel from Portugal to Seville. But this enchanting city is located less than 200 kilometers from The White House. A pleasant change of scenery and a nice day trip destination. With UNESCO classing three sites in Seville as World Heritage Sites it’s no wonder that many tourists visit Seville and see the historical landmarks. There are plenty of sights to see like the Alcazar Palace and the Cathedral with its large gold altarpiece. The city will keep any visitor fascinated from start to finish. In addition, you can take a walk in the tranquil parks and gardens, hidden among the beautiful buildings, for some fresh air or visit one of the many museums take you on a cultural journey through the Sevillian history. From the B&B it is only 5 minutes to the highway and from there on it is actually just one straight drive to Seville. 2 hours away and you’re in another (Spanish) world …


ropes-and-dunes- LagosPerhaps Lagos is secretly our favorite day trip in all of the Algarve. Its location in western Algarve makes it a bit far but you will be rewarded with a very Portuguese town with a nice center, beautiful fortifications and the most beautiful beaches in Europe! Lagos has always had a seafaring connection. During the 15th century it was the base for the ‘voyages of the Discoveries’ instigated by Henry the Navigator when trade between Africa and Portugal brought a great deal of wealth into the town. The sheer number of varied beaches in the vicinity of Lagos means that, even at the height of the summer, space can be easily found for a relaxing day under the glorious sun. Feel free to ask us about our favorite restaurant for a delicious lunch overlooking the cliffs.

Cabo de Vicente

When you drive even further west, you will meet the westernmost point of Europe. The jagged cliffs rise 60 meters from the ferocious seas and high above is one of Europe’s brightest lighthouses that can be seen 60 miles away. Take a sweater because the wind can be harsh. The actual cape is only the location with the lighthouse. In addition, there is another offshoot of the peninsula with the Fortaleza de Sagres. The place is majestic; grassland plains, rugged cliffs and high winds. Not a place for a day on the beach but an amazing destination for those who want to feel at one with nature.


church-in-evoraA slightly longer day trip is a trip to Evora. But in this case the drive itself is part of the attraction. You will follow a route through the mountains and the quiet Alentejo that is very worthwhile. The distance is about 255 km so you might consider you leaving really early. The village of Evora is one of the loveliest and most stylish cities of Portugal. The historical centre of the town is not very big. So, it is possible to see it all by having long walks through the narrow streets. The city’s highlights are the impressive Roman Temple, the majestic cathedral, intriguing prehistoric standing stones and the macabre Chapel of Bones, amongst many others. The city is young and vibrant, with a large student population who attend one of the world’s oldest universities. The picturesque center full of white houses is included on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

Parque Natural do Vale do Guadiana

birds-1552889Nature lovers should not leave the Algarve without visiting this rugged park. The park is particularly important for the protection of birds, especially those species that feel at home on the steppe-like plains with extensive cultivation of grain. Apart from the varied landscape, it is also a birdwatcher’s paradise. The deep gorge of the river Guadiana gives you a chance to spot the black stork, the blue rock thrush, the oriole or the rock bunting. The nature park is a good place for larks and the Spanish sparrow. Specifically, the Rufous-tailed. A little further from the banks are large and small steps and the black-bellied sand grouse (Pterocles orientalis). In the river itself, but also in the area east of Mértola (especially in the old pyrite mine of São Domingos), we see red rump swallows, cliff swallows and wheatears. Various raptors are visible such as the griffon vulture, black vulture, Bonelli’s eagle, Montagu’s harriers thief, golden eagle, eagle owls and the Spanish imperial eagle.