Book a cheaper flight to Algarve

Algarve Beach
1 Jan

Book your cheap flight to Algarve

Do you recognise that feeling when everyone flies to the sun on a discount, while all you can find are those really expensive tickets! I regularly see ‘super’ offers from Tui or Easyjet, but when I choose to fly, those bottom prices have disappeared like snow in the summer sun. Fortunately, we have gained some experience in recent years with smart search for ticket prices. Therefore we share these experiences for anyone who wants to fly to the Algarve in 2019 and arrive with some money left to enjoy the area!

1. Look at different departure days

Of course, we are not all equally flexible when it comes to holiday trips. But it makes a huge difference whether you fly on a Thursday night or on a Friday morning. Sometimes waiting a day at home is worthwhile. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days in terms of ticket price. And returning on a Saturday is often a lot cheaper than – what everyone wants! – on a Sunday. Of course, the days around Christmas and the spring break are expensive travel days. But flying in autumn is often not much more expensive than in other weeks. With some clicking different departure days, you can easily earn an extra dinner at the beach.

2. Look at different airports

Most travelers leave from the nearest airport. But often flying from the bigger airports is not the cheapest option. Also take a look at flying from smaller airports. Parking fees are often a lot cheaper, so that is double profit. The most economical tickets are often offered by Ryanair, Easyjet or other budget airlines from less popular airports. Not really convenient to reach with public transport but if you go by car, an hour of extra driving can sometimes be quite worthwhile.

3. View different ticket sites

You would think that ticket prices are the same everywhere. Nothing is further from the truth. The incomprehensible system of providers makes a bit of shopping around pretty worthwhile. Of course there are the well-known ticket sites such as and but also take a look at (Dutch origin) or my favorite And of course never forget to check the airlines themselves. They too sometimes have offers that cannot be found on other sites

4. Set your browser to anonymous

OK, this may sound like a lot of conspiracy, but in my opinion web analysts are so smart that they obviously see that you are now checking the price for Faro for the third time. And they also see that the date is getting closer. So the price can be increased. Frankly, I do not have any proof, but for the sake of certainty, I make all travel bookings anonymous. Also when checking hotel prices it saves a huge number of banners (‘Hotel prices drop in Olhão, book now!).

5. Do not wait until the last moment

A child can understand that booking the flight two days before is not the smartest tactic. But what is a smart waiting time? Momondo has a very nice functionality (‘Flight forecast’) which indicates on which days, at which times and also how far in advance you can book the best. At the moment Momondo says: ‘The cheapest time to book a flight from Amsterdam to Faro is on average 35 days before departure’. Skyscanner also has a similar tool. And we can see that 15 weeks in advance is easily 14% more expensive. Just so you know!

6. Travel light

Forget your extra winter coat, your water kettle (we have it here!) and replace your bulky books with an e-reader. Because if you have found your cheap ticket with a lot of effort, that extra suitcase suddenly turns out to cost € 50. Welcoming our guests, we are sometimes amazed by the huge (and heavy!) suitcases they take with them for a weekend trip. Be critical, leave your extra coat at home (it’s sunny enough here) and if necessary buy an extra nice T-shirt of the saved money in the outlet center in Loulé or the charming city center of Tavira

7. Book your stay at the White House

When you have booked a cheap ticket, staying at The White House is within reach. For us too, direct booking is often more advantageous than via a hotel site. And if possible, we reserve the nicest room for you. The spring often starts here in March so for a wonderful sunny week you can already book safely. Mail us via and you are guaranteed a nice stay in sunny, hospitable (and safe!) Portugal.

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