Algarve opening up

4 Apr

Algarve towns, beach and golf courses are opening up.

Every spring we are amazed at how beautiful the Algarve is. It is clearly the most wonderful time of the year. All nature is fresh green, the birds are chirping, the beaches are clean and spacious, the weather is wonderful and the towns are relaxed and quiet. It’s warm enough for a beach day and mild enough for a drive through the mountains or an exploration of one of the pretty towns. Of course, the rules around Covid were very tight, but luckily that resulted in very low figures in Portugal. Enough reasons to slowly but surely reopen the Algarve from April 5. Restaurants will reopen, but also museums, historic buildings and the beaches. Even the golf courses are open again starting this week. Hitting a ball in a relaxed way is no problem at all. And the Algarve has the most beautiful golf courses in the world with plenty of space, fresh air and beautiful views.

Last week, after far too long in isolation, we had our first guests! Everyone of course kept a safe distance and we used our face masks. Many readers of this blog have a soft spot for Portugal. You may be considering coming this way, but you are not sure what is sensible. In any case, our guests were open about it. Frank: “It is clear here in Portugal. You wear a face mask when you enter a restaurant and you can take it off at the table. Everyone sticks to the rules and the atmosphere is relaxed, so much more is already possible. “And Karen and Nigel, two English expats from Lisbon, also had a great long weekend with alternating beach days in Fuseta and hanging days at our pool. Every day combined with beautiful dinners in our hospitable “White House restaurant”. The restaurant industry is slowly reopening, there is plenty of space and terraces everywhere and you are welcomed everywhere with open arms. But here in the villa we also make dinners for our guests so that you can also have a private dinner without any risk. The stores will open again in the coming weeks and with the new measures from April 19th, a lot is already possible; the towns are friendly and relaxed and it seems as if nature is also happy with every new explorer.

We have of course taken the necessary measures in our villa. After a solid online course, purchasing all necessary protective equipment and drawing up an internal protocol, we have the official “Clean & Safe” certificate. In practice, we have always been careful with cleaning, clearing the beds and disinfecting the wet areas. But with this certificate, we may be just a little tighter organized. In our municipality (Olhão), 5% of all accommodations have this certificate, so you will certainly not get it as a gift. With the online course in Portuguese, we are starting to enjoy our Portuguese lessons. Fortunately, the teacher was from Coimbra and spoke Portuguese in a very civilized and calm manner.

Of course, face masks are also mandatory here in the cities and when entering a restaurant and in the shops. The Portuguese behave relaxed and disciplined, so that you indeed end up in a kind of “new normal”. We also realize that we are not there yet and we do not want to encourage anyone to take irresponsible journeys. But at the same time it is good to know that there are indeed possibilities to enjoy, book an active holiday or just relax at the poolside. We see that many people go on holiday in their “own country”. That is fine too, of course. But if you really want to get away from it all and enjoy a different culture, delicious food and completely clear your head, then you now know the Portuguese secret… come to Algarve, choose a Clean & Safe accommodation and make it a beautiful spring.